Marvel 1943: Rise of Hydra is official, the first trailer is here

After some hints and indiscretions, Marvel 1943: Rise of Hydra is officially shown and reveals the first story trailer, including an indicative release date.\r\nWhich also confirms the indiscretion from a few hours ago, in which this actually emerged title from the first information released in advance.\r\nMarvel 1943: Rise of Hydra was officially revealed by Marvel during a special Epic Games keynote, in which the first story trailer of this very interesting project was shown.\r\nSkydance New Media, led by award-winning writer and director Amy Hennig, and Marvel Games today shared new details about their next game.\r\nBut in the meantime, here’s the trailer:\r\n\r\nIn Marvel 1943: Rise of Hydra players will take on the role of four central characters: a young Steve Rogers, aka Captain America; Azzuri, T’Challa’s grandfather and the Black Panther of World War II; Gabriel Jones, an American soldier and member of the Howling Commandos; and Nanali, a Wakandan spy trapped in occupied Paris.\r\nIt is an original story, of course, powered by Epic’s Unreal Engine 5.4 that the development team has used to bring out a title that looks decidedly promising.\ r\nA new trailer gives fans a preview of an original story that takes players on an adventure set in World War II with an ensemble of four playable heroes at different points in the game.\r\n«With the release “Marvel 1943: L ‘Rise of Hydra captures the action, excitement and globe-trotting adventure that has delighted fans for decades. We are excited to share more in the future.»\r\n\r\nThe project is certainly interesting, because the setting is promising and the hope is that the team can capture the essence of these characters and their stories.\r \nYou can find some Marvel stories that will probably inspire the game in handy collections that you can find on Amazon.

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