Baldur’s Gate 3, someone figured out how to keep Wyll in the evil run party

Baldur’s Gate 3 allows a profound freedom of action to its players, leaving them free to undertake evil actions if that is what they most desire.\r\nBut obviously it will be necessary to face consequences: a detail that is decidedly evident during Act 1 of the third Baldur’s Gate (find the first two episodes on Amazon), when you can decide whether to help protect the grove or join the massacre organized by Minthara and the goblins loyal to the Absolute.\r\nA choice that Wyll will not swallow at all: the heroic Frontier Blade will immediately leave your party if you decide to continue with the massacre of the druids and innocent Tieflings.\r\nBut it doesn’t necessarily have to be this way: GamesRadar+ reports a post by Reddit user CrushCoalMakeDiamond, who has discovered how to do so that Wyll does not leave the party even after carrying out the massacre.\r\nSimply… kill him, although obviously the process is slightly more complex.\r\n\n\t\t\n\t\n\ n\r\nFirst of all you will have to steal the idol from the grove, thus setting in motion a chain of events that will lead the druids themselves to massacre the tieflings.\r\nThen you will have to head to the goblin camp and tell Minthara the exact position of the grove, and then take a long rest.\r\nAt this point, you can head to the grove: due to your long rest, the evil Drow will have completed the assault without your intervention, killing all the druids .\r\nNow the moment long awaited by the most evil fans has arrived: have no mercy and kill Wyll treacherously, and then start the usual goblin celebration at your camp.\r\nOnce the celebrations are over, you will be able to use a resurrection scroll or rely on the Withered One to bring Wyll back to life: as you may have guessed, this tactical move will prevent the event from being activated that would push him to leave your party with profound disgust, evidently causing him amnesia and making him forget that in basically it was all your fault.\r\nPrecisely for the reasons mentioned above, this trick should also work with Karlach, but it is likely that in an evil run you will already be doing without her.\r\nUnless you are naturally using another trick, but we cannot guarantee that both will work without consequences.\r\nSticking on the topic, if you are fond of the Blade of the Frontier it is likely that you will have thought about killing Mizora at least once. If you want to fulfill your dream, someone has discovered a trick to do it without consequences during Act 3.

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