Hellblade 2, after 30fps there is another bad news

Hellblade 2 will be an extremely cinematic production, with all the consequent merits and graphic defects that are emerging in the last few hours.\r\nFor example, the choice to oblige fixed 30FPS on Xbox consoles, a choice made precisely according to the type of experience that Ninja Theory wants to offer its players.\r\nA choice that has also caused strong discussion among professionals, provoking criticism even from the former head of Blizzard, but in recent hours a further decision that is destined to cause discussion, perhaps even more than 30fps.\r\nIn fact, Xbox reports a comment from Ninja Theory in response to a user on X regarding the graphic effects of Hellblade 2, confirming that the entire production was shot with a 2.39:1 aspect ratio.\r\nThis means that the title will be wonderful for those who own an ultra-wide monitor, but for all other players – that is, the majority of users – the matter will be very different: the developers have confirmed that the letterbox effect will be present on all other monitors in circulation.\r\nIn other words, you will soon have to get used to seeing black bars above and below the image: a typically cinematic effect, but which certainly doesn’t clash little with a video game that should involve users firsthand.\r\n\n\t Our game camera is anamorphic with a 2.39:1 aspect ratio, meaning on your average display there will be letter-boxing.— Ninja Theory ( @NinjaTheory) May 2, 2024\n\n\n \n\r\nConsidering that Hellblade 2 will be one of the most important business cards of Xbox Game Pass (you can find it on Amazon) in the month of May, this is also a decision by the developers seems inevitably destined to spark controversy, given that once again players are prevented from making a choice about their experience.\r\nIf we add to this that very few players own an ultra-wide monitor, it is plausible to imagine that many users will not be able to enjoy the experience in the way the developers would like.\r\nOf course, there is always the possibility of possible future patches that patch things up – just think of Starfield which is finally unlocking 60fps on consoles – but this will not prevent potential controversies from emerging at launch. We’ll see how the situation evolves.

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