Foamstars is not identical to Splatoon, for Square Enix can invent a genre

Since it was announced, Foamstars has undeniably made everyone think that Square Enix was heavily inspired by Splatoon, the Nintendo Switch splatter game now in its third chapter.\r\nNintendo’s shooter (you can find it on Amazon) has been much loved and has welcomed a huge audience over the years, but not only Nintendo fans who have noticed the similarity between Foamstars and Splatoon.\r\nSo much so that, to date, Square Enix is ​​already tired of having seen its title compared to that of Nintendo and is keen to underline the differences.\r\nSpeaking to the microphones of VGC, the producer Kosuke Okatani answered the question regarding whether or not the development studio could be tired of hearing the comparison with Splatoon, and it is actually like this:\r\n\r\n«First of all, yes. There have been many comparisons on the Internet, but we have also seen on social media that people who have played it have seen that it is a completely different game, and I hope you agree too.”\r\n\r\nUseless say that Foamstars was inspired by the Nintendo title, because there are many elements in common among which the most important is the foam that covers the battlefield, as well as the paint of Splatoon.\r\nHowever, the very thing apparently similar between the two productions is what makes them different, as Okatani explains:\r\n\r\n«I feel that the mechanism by which the things you shoot stay on the field is truly unique. It would be a great honor if this became a genre in its own right, similar to Soulslike or Metroidvania.»\r\n\r\nWe envy Okatani’s optimism for a production that, although made with great care and attention, is to be discounted in the GaaS market which is not exactly at its best in this period.\r\nWe also talked about it in our preview of Foamstars that you can find at this address, in which unfortunately we did not have the opportunity to delve into the topic of artificial intelligences that have been used .

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