The Italian Bookbound Brigade available from today on Switch, PS4 and PC

Bookbound Brigade , the horizontal scrolling action platform game featuring the characters of history and literature developed by the Italian Digital Tales and published by Intragames, is now available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Bookbound Brigade, an adventure populated by the most loved characters on the pages of history and fiction books, features eight playable heroes that move as a single unit: Nikola Tesla, Robin Hood, Dorothy Gale, Sun Wukong, Queen Victoria, Cassandra and other legendary figures will display unique skills and characteristics, putting them at the service of the entire team on a journey through five thematic worlds.

In the game you will have to guide the Bound Brigade in the mission to recover the Tome of Tomes, a powerful volume that holds the Literary World together.

Without the book in its rightful place, every word never written will vanish from memory, making it disappear into null to all our favorite characters too. Knowing what is at stake, the Brigade sets off in search of the Tome of Tomes to save the Literary World.

Users will have to traverse environments inspired by real-world locations and famous imaginary scenarios, all full of secrets to discover and obstacles to overcome, and repel the forces of badly mastering powers such as the fearsome charge of King Arthur with the Excalibur sword and the defensive Testudo shield, or opt for escape using the wings of Dracula.

In the game there are also secondary missions, in which to find relics lost, like the Mona Lisa, and face bosses such as the Frankenstein monster or the fearsome Medusa on a magical journey through time and space.

“Bookbound Brigade brings together a myriad of famous people from literature and history in a humorous and engaging context,” commented Sue Yim, Intragames Marketing Manager. “Whether you’re a bookworm, a fan of metroidvania or both, we’re excited to share Bookbound Brigade with you today, on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PC.”

One special Steam package containing Bookbound Brigade and its original soundtrack will be available for a limited period of time, from the launch of January 30th to February 29th.

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