With the latest update Square Enix has “broken” Final Fantasy XVI

There has been a lot of talk about Final Fantasy XVI since its release and, while it is not clear whether it can be defined as a success or not, with the latest updates the Square Enix development team has created a situation that has generated an unsolvable bug .\r\nIn the sixteenth episode of the final fantasy saga, some elements have been included with the latest updates, including the evergreen New Game+. The mode that players often clamor for for the most important releases and which, in this case, ruined the complete experience of Final Fantasy XVI.\r\nWhich has now also been enriched with an additional ending in a certain sense, with the DLC The Rising Tide that we told you about, but the additional content is not the problem.\r\nIf a player selects the New Game+ and then skips the prologue, there is a possibility that the party members will not appear, thus blocking the completion of the first game missions and, in fact, overall progression.\r\nSquare Enix has announced that it is aware of the bug and is working on a solution. On the other hand, for now it offers an alternative solution and instructions to avoid the problem before the patch is released.\r\n\r\nThe solution essentially consists in starting a save file with the New Game+ and not skipping the prologue. Or restart a game already saved with the bug and not skip the prologue.\r\nThe other temporary solution is to reload a previous save when starting New Game+, save a new game, reload this save and continue (always without skip the prologue).\r\nThese are obviously palliative solutions, in the hope that Square Enix can find a definitive solution to this annoying problem in Final Fantasy XVI. A game that, despite the old and new problems, seems to have managed to achieve the goal it had set itself.\r\nFor the most nostalgic players there is always Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, which recalls the historic JRPG of the 90s and which found in its remake version on Amazon at the best price.

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