Since PS5 and Xbox Series X have meme-like designs, IKEA now has their own hardcover

We certainly do not discover in 2021 that PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X have peculiar designs, which aim to give a different first impact in your living room . If PS5 is gigantic and, well, white and bright, Xbox Series X has a more composed, square and elegant body, but it chooses the unusual vertical style, differentiating itself from all its big sisters horizontally.

In summary, these are two objects that are difficult to imagine in your media center until you have them in front of you and try to place them in their respective positions. So, to help its customers decide – and considering that there is no need to display real PS5 or Xbox Series X, given how hard they are, without sparking a civil war – here is IKEA has found the solution, reported by user JFP1 on Imgur : the well-known chain of resale of furniture and furnishings for the home is in fact inserting 1: 1 hardbacks of next-gen consoles in its stores .

IKEA hardbacks dedicated to Xbox Series X and PS5

Note the wording on the white PS5 shell, which reads:

Which IKEA media center cabinet will fit my new game console, big enough to be a meme ?

Since more and more people who choose the furniture for the TV in the living room also have to fix the consoles, so you can immediately remove all doubts: take the hardcover and fix the furniture displayed as you would at home, to get an idea of ​​what it will look like with your (real) console on top. Assuming that, at least in 2021, you finally manage to find one in stores .

Jokes aside, PS5 and Xbox Series X stocks should become a lot easier to find this year: Sony, for example, has talked about significantly reduced difficulties and is ready to launch its next-gen in India next February. After the critical phase that led to the skipping of both Black Friday and the Christmas period, in short, we should soon see the arrival of new PS5 and Xbox in stores – this time, at least, not made of cardboard.

If you want to keep an eye on the availability of PS5 on Amazon, this is the page. If, on the other hand, you’re on the hunt for Xbox Series X, keep an eye on this address.

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