Is Stellar Blade in Italian? Here comes the answer

Sony has recently confirmed that the free demo of Stellar Blade will be available starting from March 29th, but now there is also confirmation that the game will be dubbed and subtitled in Italian.\r\nThe action adventure developed by Shift Up and published from Sony Interactive Entertainment (which you can find on pre-order on Amazon) is in fact arousing the curiosity of many.\r\nThe game, expected during the next month of April, promises to combine highly adrenaline-filled gameplay with an certainly intriguing style (even if a little too derivative).\r\nNow, while waiting for the free demo, Sony has confirmed that Stellar Blade will be translated and dubbed into Italian: the information arrives via the PlayStation Blog.\r\nIn fact, it is possible to read in the original post that: «Like the demo, the full game will be available in the following languages: Korean, English (US), French, Italian, German, Spanish, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Arabic, Turkish , Thai, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, while the following languages ​​will also have dubbing: Korean, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Latin American Spanish.” \r\nWe still don’t know the names of the Italian voice actors responsible for giving voice to the protagonists of the game. We will obviously keep you updated in case there is any news on this matter.\r\nThe official description of the game in the meantime is as follows:\r\n\r\nFrom the crumbling buildings of Xion, to the immense Rift and the Vast Desert and beyond, travel through breathtaking sci-fi environments, brought to life by the graphical power of the PS5.\r\nOnce a bustling metropolis, Xion is now populated by a small group of human survivors, many of whom desperately need EVE’s help.\r \nIts streets, alleys and squares are filled with rusting relics and malfunctioning machinery. The Naytiba are always lurking. And outside the city limits, the mysterious wilderness that stretches into the distance is just as dangerous…\r\n\r\nSticking on the topic of former PlayStation exclusives, we recently put the PC version of Horizon: Forbidden to the test West, also testing it on all major handheld platforms.

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