If you hate friendly fire in Helldivers 2, there’s bad news

Helldivers 2 players like it and it works because it doesn’t want to give up an adrenaline-filled gameplay, full of twists and turns and chaotic, even when some of your teammates end up under an Eagle bombardment or end up a victim of friendly fire in general.\r \nAn element that inevitably creates annoyances but, with the right group of players, can also create very hilarious moments and the typical fun that made Helldivers 2 a success.\r\nIn fact, the Arrowhead shooter has essentially saved the sales of video games last February, and according to analysts’ numbers it could save other months in the future.\r\nHelldivers 2 could in fact have sold at least 8 million copies from launch to today, according to the analyzes of some experts who have recorded the performance of the title of Arrowhead.\r\nIn these millions of copies there will surely be millions of players dead at the hands of their comrades, with friendly fire never being eliminated from the game.\r\nArrowhead CEO Johan Pilestedt made it clear and round and round during a social media chat with a fan of the game (via PC Gamer).\r\nTalking about friendly fire and how it’s actually fun for some players, Pilestedt said:\r\n\r\n «If we turned off friendly fire we would also have to turn off projectile damage against enemies. It’s the law.”\r\n\r\nNothing can be done against the law of the Super Earth, and the Helldivers can only be more careful with their aim, or not take it so much if they end up in the middle of an orbital attack.\r\nBut Arrowhead is certainly not immobile in its decisions, because the latest updates have made the game slightly easier in some aspects, eliminating even some of the most annoying bugs.\r\nIf you want to enter be part of the democratic forces of Super Earth, know that you can find Helldivers 2 at the best price on Amazon in all its versions.

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