Silent Hill 2 Remake also wants to excite those who played the original

Silent Hill 2 Remake by Bloober Team still has no release date, but apparently the developer has returned to talking about the game.\r\nThe Konami saga, which you can recover on Amazon in a collection containing the second and third chapters, will return in fact with the remake of the second chapter.\r\nAlthough other remakes dedicated to the horror series could be in the works, the remake of Silent Hill 2 is certainly the most awaited one.\r\nIn fact, as also reported by Eurogamer, Bloober Team is said to very confident and excited about the remake of Silent Hill 2.\r\n\r\nIn the studio’s annual report to shareholders, the development team expressed its excitement for the remake, stating that they were “very confident in the final outcome” and acknowledging that the success of Silent Hill 2 Remake will be «the most important test» that the studio has faced.\r\n«We do not hide it internally or externally: this is the most important test for our actions», reported the team.\r\n«In 2023, almost half of our production forces were focused on the currently noisiest project in the industry: Silent Hill 2, which we are making together with our partner, Konami», Bloober added in the annual report. \r\n\r\n«It is one of the most recognizable brands in the world of video games and certainly one of the most important in the horror genre.\r\nWe do our utmost to offer the best possible emotions, both to those who who played the original more than 20 years ago, as well as those who are approaching the famous series for the first time.”\r\n\r\nAnd again: “This will also be the first title in which we deviate from the so-called ‘ environmental storytelling’ and will foreground the action through which we will tell the story,” the report adds.\r\nWe recently reported that Bloober Team has apparently changed James Sunderland’s face for the remake of Silent Hill 2, waiting for the long-awaited release date.\r\nSticking on the topic, for several weeks it has been possible to download Silent Hill: The Short Message for PS5 for free: read our analysis.

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