Halo Infinite will use sounds taken from Xbox and Xbox One

343 Industries is having a great time when it comes to translating the sound design of Halo Infinite .

over the past few months, we’ve talked about how the American software house had used a developer’s dog to make the voice of an enemy in the forthcoming game, but evidently the ingenious findings did not end there.

In the clip below, in fact , we can see how the studio recorded the sounds of an original Xbox and an Xbox One S and, with the necessary distortions, applied them to the new Halo.

Among the audio files deposited we find of course the start of the two consoles and the opening of the disc tray of the first Xbox, taken into account, we like to think, because of the link with the Halo series that was born there.

You can listen to these little ones wonders in the player from Halo’s Instagram channel below, while for Halo Infinite it’s time to wait until the end of 2020 and ave re an Xbox One, a Windows PC or an Xbox Project Scarlett that will enjoy it from day one.

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????????????⁣ ⁣ Our Audio Team found these specialized @lomlabel microphones in Area 51 and used them to pick up the electromagnetic fields emitting from Xbox consoles. By applying some light processing in the #Kyma sound design environment by Symbolic Sound, they were able to create some interesting sci-fi textures.⁣ #halo #HaloInfinite #xbox # 343industries #sounddesign #sounddesignsaturday #fieldrecording #kymasounddesign

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