GOG.com now offers refunds on any purchase (even if you played with it)

CD Projekt trusts you and your common sense . That’s why now the popular digital video game catalog GOG.com , which you manage, has enriched its policies for requesting refunds, allowing you to «have a full refund even after thirty days from purchase of a product – even if you have downloaded, launched and played it. »

It means that people with very little love for video games could try to take advantage of it, and ask to be reimbursed for anything, after buying it. For this reason, the Polish company writes that «it is important for us to say that this update is possible thanks to the respect we have for the hard work that is spent in creating the games you buy on GOG.com, and to play according to rules. We are grateful for this and encourage you to continue to behave in this way “, alluding to the attitude to date had by the players on its catalog – which also promotes DRM-free games.

The FAQ explains that «we reserve the right to refuse a refund, in some individual cases. We ask that you please respect the time and effort spent on making these games – and remember that a refund is not a review . If you finished a game that you didn’t like, maybe consider sharing your opinion instead. Please don’t take advantage of our trust by asking for an unreasonable amount of refunds. Don’t be that person: nobody likes that person . »

We can only hope that the players will once again behave in the best way, taking advantage of this new protection for customers only in cases where it will be necessary, without penalizing the work of the developers who make the games we love so much possible.

Source: GOG.com

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