Disappointing sales for ShenMue III

It seems that Shenmue III , the long-awaited third installment of the series created by Yu Suzuki originally on Sega Dreamcast , is not selling very well .

In fact, the title debuted in 17th place in the British ranking, managing to place 50% fewer units than the Shenmue I & II remaster. The game also sold less than 18,000 units in the land of the rising sun, ranking fourth in the standings.

The development of the title was financed through Kickstarter thanks to the contribution of 80,000 backers. Unfortunately, the studio Ys Net , has made some decisions that have not been positively received by the community, such as the move to Epic Games Store for the Windows PC version, as well as proposing a structure too anchored to the past and therefore not able to fully involve the modern players.

We remind you that Shenmue III is available for PC and Sony Playstation 4.

For further information on the product, we advise you to consult the our dedicated card.

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