Deathloop, the new Arkane title will be at E3 2020

Pete Hines, Bethesda’s marketing manager, confirmed that Deathloop will be shown again at E3 2020 .

Deathloop is a first person action, which sees two deadly assassins, Colt and Jules, face each other in an eternal fight on the frozen and lawless island of Blackreef: one of them wants to break the eternal cycle while the other intends to maintain it .

Speaking to Kinda Funny, Hines explained that “it is a safe bet” to say that “you will hear a lot more about him at E3”.

“That there is some little thing between now and then, who can say it,” he also suggested, launching a small teaser on an anticipation of the June fair.

“I think you will like it,” added the Bethesda man. “They are doing some very nice things, it will be quite familiar but it will also have some different things.”

Arkane Studios is known for titles like the Dishonored series and the latest Prey, immersive first-person sims that have stolen the hearts of gamers in the last couple of generations of consoles.

Source | GamingBolt

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