Call of Duty 2020: avalanche of information on the new chapter

> The announcement of the next chapter of the Call of Duty saga, expected – as always – towards the end of the year, continues to be expected. Although there is no still nothing official about the new shooter produced by Activision, the rumors identify it with the name Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and take place in the years of the Cold War.

The main storyline should indeed have several connections to the Treyarch series of Black Ops , as the new chapter could be a sort of spin-off or soft reboot.

Now, the Charlie Intel site (always an excellent source of information regarding the COD saga) reported that the YouTuber XclusiveAce has posted a long and interesting video on its channel, in which it reveals a preview of some confidential information on the new Call of Duty.

Here they are, just below, listed point by point:

  • The 2020 chapter will be set in the Cold War era.
  • Lo development is well under way, as multiplayer maps are almost finished.
  • The campaign is in playable form, but not all animations have been completed.
  • There will be a new map of Warzone connected to the 2020 chapter.
  • The Mini-Map will return, in a similar way to the previous COD.
  • There will also be the compass, introduced in Modern Warfare.
  • You can swim, both in singleplayer and in multiplayer maps (including the new “Warzone map”).
  • In the new Call of Duty the unlimited race returns.
  • You will not be able to interact with the doors.
  • 10 multiplayer maps are currently in production, in perfect Treyarch style-
    • One is really small, on a boat in the Black Sea.
    • “Tank” is the map already seen in a video leak.
  • The Specialists will not return, but a return will return. mechanics similar to Field Upgrades.
  • The equipment will return.
  • The Scorestreaks will also return.
  • There will be no Dead Silence in the game.
  • 150 of energy (similar to Black Ops 4) and self-reloading of health.
  • Create-A-Class is unique. A hybrid between the classic system and Pick-10. There will be no Gunsmith.
  • Confirmed 6v6 and the absence of Gunfight mode.
  • A mutliplayer mode will cover various sections of the Warzone map.
  • The new map Warzone will take place in Russia.

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Via: CharlieIntel

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