Bully 2? Rockstar Games has not contacted the original voice actors

In recent times there has often been talk of the possibility that, after resuming Red Dead Redemption, Rockstar Games can return to another of its less noble IPs and take care of Bully 2 .

Well, who better than those involved in the development of the original could give us useful clues to understand what is boiling in the houser brothers’ pot?

In a video intended for the Bully community, Gerry Rosenthal, voice actor of Jimmy Hopkins, the 15-year-old star of the 2006 action adventure, spoke of the chances of a real follow-up.

According to Rosenthal, who in his life he only dubbed one character in a video game since he is a full-time musician, “so far, they didn’t come to call me”.

“I know there there are so many rumors around, but so far I cannot confirm “, he added, specifying at the end of the clip that he would very much like to return to the opera on the series.

N Aturally, there is the possibility that Rockstar has entrusted to other voice actors, perhaps because at the center of the scene there will be other characters or for a simple recast.

Similarly, it should not be excluded that Bully 2 may not be in development right now, and that the studio is just ‘working on GTA Online and Red Dead Online.

Source: ComicBook

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