Bluepoint Games, new teaser: is it for the Demon’s Souls remaster on PS5?

Bluepoint Games often enjoys launching teasers on their Twitter account, while not giving the idea of ​​aiming for a particular project in the pipeline.

Team chirps of American development are in fact fired a little in the pile, with several references to multiple historical series of gaming including Castlevania and Siphon Filter.

This net of something that is not escaping us at this time and maybe it will be clearer in the future hopefully not too far.

In the last tweet of the Shadow of the Colossus 2018 study, we have numerous references as usual but one in particular, to “rekindle the flames” is suggesting a remake of Demon’s Souls .

Bluepoint has confirmed to be working on a “big” title for PS5 , which should be ready for launch or otherwise close to the console’s day one.

Of course, for the appeal of the Souls on the fans and for the importance of this game available today only on PlayStation 3, that of From Software could be a product worthy of such description, not found?

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