Ars Technica votes the 10 best racing ever, and is immediately controversial

The well-known portal Ars Technica has launched into one of the most difficult challenges imaginable in gaming, namely to elect the 10 best racing ever.

According to the English-language site, the palm as the best car game goes to Gran Turismo 2, just before Forza Motorsport 4 and the first Gran Turismo to complete the podium.

This is the complete top ten:

  1. Gran Turismo 2
  2. Forza Motorsport 4
  3. Gran Turismo
  4. F1 2019
  5. Gran Turismo 4
  6. F-Zero
  7. Mario Kart 64
  8. Project CARS 2
  9. Gran Turismo Sport
  10. DiRT Rally

Of course, as you can see, there are many such exponents missing in this ranking: some are highlighted on the ResetEra forum and include chapters of Forza Horizon, Burnout, WipEout, Ridge Racer, Daytona, OutRun.

Do you like the rankings or do you agree that there are too many important players in the racing field to be deleted? Vote!

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