Also the Italian unions against iliad: due to the haemorrhaging of users to other companies

The war in iliad continues, in Italy, the new operator that debuted a few weeks ago and that has attracted attention both for low prices and for the lack of transparency of its tariff plan. After the issues related to its misleading advertising, the complaints of Tim and Vodafone and the counter-denunciation that led to the suspension of the sponsor Vodafone Unlimited with Baby K, the accusations of the unions arrive hours.

According to Slc Cigil, Fistel Cisl and Uilcom Uil, in fact, the new operator put at risk the jobs of some of its competitors â € “especially Wind Tre, which is experiencing a real haemorrhage of subscribers (400,000 users lost between January and March 2017, 600,000 lost between April and June 2017, 500,000 lost between July and September 2017, 300,000 between September and December 2017, with the negative trend that continues in 2018 and which is collecting the blow from iliad).

The prosecution believes that Iliad’s proposal, pointed out as a virtual operator, is favored by the fact that it would have few employees, and would rely on networks built by other operators â € “and consequently by their workers. The unions then ask for a comparison to deputy premier Luigi Di Maio and Matteo Salvini to analyze the problem.

“Illiad has an employment structure of about 200 employees and uses almost all the technologies and infrastructures of other operators committed to investing in ultra-broadband and innovative services, with cost structures not comparable to a” virtual “company such as the low operator French cost, putting at risk the occupational stability of the entire telecommunications supply chain. […] We ask the Ministry of Labor and Economic Development, as well as for the national security department to the Ministry of the Interior to open an investigation to verify the working conditions, compliance with the commitments that Illiad should have observed following the authorizations of the Authorities and the laws of the state in matters of public safety “reads the official note released by the unions, which also attack the simboxes for the possible lack of security , taken in analysis for a few days by the Postal Police.

Of a totally opposite warning, of course, Iliad, who has already commented on the accusations indicating that he has given work to 1,500 people and emphasizing that customer assistance is provided exclusively by personnel located in Italy, and not in the rest of Europe: ” In just a few months Iliad has created a turnover of about 1,500 jobs in Italy, between direct and indirect, the company is developing its network infrastructure throughout the country, therefore it is not and can not be defined as an operator virtual “declares the French operator. With regard to the customer service switchboards, he writes, “Iliad distinguishes itself from several other operators, because it provides assistance to users exclusively with facilities and personnel located in Italy.”

We will see what the next steps will be, following this report by the unions, for Iliad’s operations on the Italian territory.

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