Trump and Brexit have influenced the history of Death Stranding

Speaking to the BBC, Hideo Kojima revealed that Donald Trump’s US presidency and Brexit have influenced the history of Death Stranding .

“Trump is building a wall and the UK is leaving the European Union”, Kojima explained, and this in a sense makes the narrative premises of the game.

“In this game we use bridges to connect things but destroying those bridges can instantly make them walls. So bridges and walls are almost synonymous. This is one of the things I’d like players to think about in the title.”

The goal is to make a mark on the users, since “after spending dozens of hours in the game you will return to reality at the end. When you do, I want you to use what you learned in the game. Connect is one of those things “.

“During the game”, the Japanese added, “the players connect things. I create my games in the hope that people will have fun playing with it. So I hope they have fun, and that’s what makes me a little anxious “.

You can find out if Kojima made it in our Death Stranding review.


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