There’s already a Fallout 4 mod based on the TV series

The weekend of the Fallout TV series by Prime Video is inevitably bringing many interesting considerations, including the fact that the first mod for Fallout 4 inspired by the show has inevitably arrived.\r\nAs reported by Kotaku, in fact, one of the weapons that appears since from the first episodes of the TV series was reproduced in Fallout 4 thanks to a mod.\r\nIn the first episode of the series, Lucy, one of the main characters and inhabitant of Vault 33 in the show, grabs and uses a silver tranquilizer dart gun. It appears partially inspired by the syringe weapon seen in Fallout 4, but is more compact and elegant.\r\nLucy’s handy silver-plated tranquilizer gun is a mostly original creation designed for the Amazon Prime adaptation. But they liked the weapon so much that one player absolutely wanted to use it in his adventure.\r\nWith the Select Blaster mod, in fact, you can install the weapon inside your PC version of Fallout 4 to emulate the show on Prime Video.\r\n\r\nAfter installing the Fallout 4 mod, the Select Blaster can be found inside Vault 114 in the supervisor’s office, in a gun case on the wall.\r\ nThe TV series will certainly give players many other opportunities to let off steam, there’s no doubt.\r\nMeanwhile, the hunt for Easter eggs has already started, both on the part of the players and on the part of those who created the Fallout series, with some Easter eggs eggs that seem to be a surprise even for the showrunners themselves.\r\nIn any case, Fallout 4 will inevitably return to the crest of the wave, because among other things, the long-awaited next-gen update is finally arriving, which finally has a release date.\r\nWhile you’re at it, if you want to recover Fallout 4 in its best edition you can find it on Amazon at the best price with all the DLC.

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