The Witcher: Sapkowski has never played games

The The Witcher TV series on Netflix has convinced critics and audiences, after its debut on 20 December.

As you know , the show is inspired by the Andrzej Sapkowski novels. In a recent interview with io9 , Sapkowski was asked to compare the Netflix series of The Witcher with the video games of the same name.

His answer leaves no room for imagination:

I can’t compare anything to video games, because I’ve never played them. Since I was a child I have never played any games, with the exception of bridge and poker. Video games simply aren’t for me, I prefer books as entertainment. However, in my opinion, TV series and video games cannot be compared. They are too different in approach, in doing and in the goal. You can’t compare spaghetti carbonara with a bicycle. Although both have advantages and disadvantages.

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