The Talos Principle is now available on Oculus Rift

The Talos Principle is also available on Oculus Rift, the virtual reality device of the Facebook stable. For those who do not know it, it is a first-person puzzle game, which has received numerous positive reviews (including that of Gameshift) ) and excellent sales feedback. The story of The Talos Principle The Talos Principle combines philosophy, artificial intelligence and old-fashioned puzzle solving to create one of the most unique VR experiences ever seen. Developed by Croteam, the team behind the Serious Sam series, The Talos Principle is very far from the classic arcade action canons. In place of muscular heroes and blood-thirsty monsters, you will come across quiet environments, a lot of riddles and a truly inspiring story about the meaning of life. Inspired by Greek mythology, Talos is a sentient robot charged with exploring mazes filled with traps and obstacles to collect artifacts known as seals, needed to unlock a series of doors and ultimately all the mysteries around the game. As you walk through jungles, ruins and other places, you will discover fragments of history hidden in computers, inside holograms or left on the walls by previous explorers. These fragments will be used to reach an incredible end of the game, to be discovered. In addition to the main story, this version includes the expansion Road to Gehenna, which introduces new characters and new puzzles in four long episodes.

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