The Fallout TV series gives fans an appointment: what will happen?

\r\nThe news contains minor spoilers about the Fallout TV series on Amazon Prime Video, continue at your own risk if you have not completed viewing the available episodes.\r\n\r\nThe Fallout TV series continues to surprise fans of videogame series and the viewers, because the famous telephone number that was talked about a few hours ago now also hides an alleged announcement of… something.\r\nIn the sixth episode of the Fallout series there is a flashback in which the Walton Goggins’ character, the Ghoul, performs for the first time for Vault-Tec in an advertisement.\r\nJust yesterday we told you that the telephone number that appears in the episode is real, and by calling it you find yourself in front of a truly disturbing Easter egg.\r\nBut that’s not all because, as a user discovered, by sending a message to the number in question you receive a different message.\r\n\r\n”Thank you for sending a message to Vault-Tec”, reads the automatic response, which goes on to say: “The next available appointment is in 33 weeks, please stand by!”\r\nContinuing to respond to messages will result in another automatic response, which says: «Congratulations! We may or may not get in touch if an appointment becomes available.”\r\nWith a very quick calculation worthy of the best engineers at Vault-Tec we can find that the date reported by the message is November 29, 2024.\r\nNovember is the period in which, usually, Bethesda launches one of its products. But it is difficult to think that Fallout 5 could come out as a surprise this year, given that the release date seems to be much further away.\r\nIt must be said that Fallout 4 (you can get it in full edition on Amazon), all era, it was announced during the year and came out very quickly, within a few months. Who knows, maybe Bethesda might repeat this stunt on this occasion too.\r\nMeanwhile, Bethesda can enjoy the success of all the games in the series, including Fallout Shelter which is making the company earn a lot of caps.

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