The Fallout TV series finale has a surprise

There are many Fallout fans who were decidedly satisfied with the Prime Video TV series.\r\nThe show inspired by the big Bethesda (you can find Fallout 4 in the GOTY version on Amazon) is in fact a high quality product.\r\nIn the review of the TV series we also told you that «the Amazon and Kilter Films production, in fact, will not disappoint all fans of the Bethesda franchise, as well as being absolutely digestible even by those who know absolutely nothing about the post-apocalyptic video game series.»\ r\nNow, as also reported by Polygon, it seems clear that the season finale actually hides a link to the players of one of the most beloved chapters.\r\n\r\nObviously spoilers on the epilogue of the Fallout series follow from now on : Proceed at your own risk.\r\n\r\nAs the credits roll on the Season 1 finale of Fallout, bad father Hank MacLean (Kyle MacLachlan) trudges towards a city on the horizon of the Wastelands.\r\n\r\n r\nAnd it’s not just any city: we’re talking about New Vegas, an iconic place taken from the source material of the Prime Video video game series (especially the well-known Fallout: New Vegas).\r\nIt therefore seems that in the second Fallout season, post-apocalyptic casinos and firefights at Hoover Dam are on the way.\r\nShifting the show’s focus to New Vegas should also open up its underlying moral framework.\r\nThe bright neon lights could in fact provide various \

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