Streamer falls asleep while playing live, spectators send help home

When playing video games, always remember that sleep is more important than many things – including playing! Dutch streamer Smokey1891_nl, who was playing Valorant in the company of his spectators, also discovered this firsthand.

However, at one point in the live Smokey, who was probably tried and a victim of sleep, leaned his head on the desk and simply fell asleep. Intrigued and amused at first, his viewers worried that he didn’t retreat up even when the game resumed and feared he might have gotten sick .

For this reason, someone who evidently knew how to track down Smokey even called for help: in short, a team of paramedics broke into the streamer’s house, alarmed by the fact that (having fallen asleep wearing headphones) the boy did not answer even when they asked him to open the door.

Stunned, Smokey only woke up when one of the rescuers touched him on the shoulder to ask if he was okay, and it took him a while to figure out what had happened and why there was a team of paramedics inside his. home. Realizing what had happened, the streamer has deactivated the microphone and can now live with a certainty: his viewers appreciate him enough to have called for help because they thought he wasn’t feeling well.

You can see the video above that immortalizes what happened.

However, this is not a unique case in the history of Twitch oddities: some time ago streamer JessedD (in the video above), who mainly plays Hearthstone , had fallen asleep at cameras accesses for about three hours. The stream remained active, with the result that many viewers had joined (hundreds) to follow his nap, while the channel gained followers and notoriety.

If you’re looking to impress new followers, then apparently falling asleep on stage might be a good idea – but try to do it visibly, so as not to risk creating concerns like Smokey’s case.

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