Stellar Blade has Yoko Taro’s blessing: «Much better than Nier Automata»

When talking about Stellar Blade the name of Nier Automata, among many others, was often brought up to try to discredit the title with the curvy Eve, if it weren’t for Yoko Taro himself who promoted the game.\r\ The masterpiece starring 2B which arrived on all platforms such as Nintendo Switch (you can find it on Amazon) has set many standards, including aesthetic ones, which, among many, Stellar Blade has also met.\r\nAlready at the time of the announcement Yoko Taro had openly expressed his liking for the title and, now that the launch is just around the corner, the author of Nier Automata has returned to talking about Stellar Blade with very positive words.\r\nAs reported by Kotaku, not only Yoko Taro said that Stellar Blade is «much better than Nier Automata», but in a recent interview he also expressed great jealousy for its director.\r\nSpeaking of Kim Hyeong-Tae, CEO of Shift Up, the author of Nier Automata has expressed envy for his position:\r\n\r\n«So you create games as an artist without thinking too much about business and you still have your own company with 300 employees, while I always think about business and I don’t even have mine yet agency? It’s weird… I guess it’s because I was a slave to Square Enix for so many years. Or maybe I should say that I was enslaved by Yosuke Saito, the producer of NieR.»\r\n\r\nIn the exchange between the two, Hyeong-Tae responded to Taro’s words by saying that Stellar Blade clearly draws inspiration from Nier Automata , so without his work there would never have been the PlayStation exclusive coming on April 26.\r\n”Because Mr. Yoko’s talent as a storyteller is exceptional, I can’t do anything like this,” said Hyeong- Tae trying to calm down the emotion for Yoko Taro’s nice words.\r\nMeanwhile, Stellar Blade is already enjoying success even before it comes out, because the community really can’t wait to play it.

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