Sophie Turner reveals a detail from the Battle of Game of Thrones 8

It did not seem like it should ever come, but the final season of Game of Thrones starts running up to us, just like the King of the Night army that we’ve come to know very well. In view of the April 14 debut, the Sophie Turner actress spoke about a small detail about Sansa Stark , a character she interpreted, preparing to live the events finals – in its own way.

To the epilogue of Game of Thrones 8, also for Sansa

Attention! If you do not want anticipation of any kind from the contents of Game of Thrones 8, we advise you to stop reading at this point.

Sophie Turner in Sansa’s first official photo from Game of Thrones 8

Interviewed by Entertainment Weekly , the young actress revealed that the great battle that awaits Great Winter (and all of Westeros) will involve everyone, including Sansa herself .

For the first time in eight seasons, in fact, what is today’s Lady Great Winter will be seen wearing armor , as necessitated by events and the inevitable final challenge that will involve humans and their insignificant inner conflicts, in the face of the advance of the Night King. p>

We do not know, of course, how much in the first row Sansa will find in the moment of the clash between the forces – also because if there is one thing we have learned about her, in these seven seasons already aired, is that the battles prefer to win them with cunning than with brute force, where possible.

Regarding the transition to an armor that can protect Sansa, Sophie Turner said:

The actress also anticipated that the armor that will protect (hopefully, ndr ) Sansa from enemy attacks will not be similar to those worn for example by Jaime Lannister or Lady Brienne of Tarth, but it will be more discreet, black and made with leather or other materials to ffini.

We wait to discover it and, above all, to understand what role Lady Sansa will have in the epilogue of the events born from the creative mastery of George R. R. Martin. While waiting for April 14th, have you seen the first official photos of the last season of The Throne of Swords ?

Source: EW

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