Some PS5 Digital Edition orders contain the one with optical drive

PS5 is the now famous Sony platform that will bring players to the next-gen PlayStation home, which has arrived in the United States and other nations of the world on 12 November 2020 and about to land in Europe (including Italy).

The console is sold in two distinct versions, one with an optical reader and one digital only (therefore able to read only the games downloaded via PlayStation Store).

Now, via Reddit some curious testimonials would have arrived: it seems that some PlayStation 5 Digital Edition boxes surprisingly contain the version with Blu-ray Disc player . Just below, an unambiguous image:

Below, another post Twitter that testifies to this:

I received my PS5 Digital Edition from Sony this morning, opened it and found a console with an optical drive in the box! I’m not mad at all, I just thought you were crazy! In any case, here is the new generation!

In short, a real “stroke of luck” that can also happen to some buyers from the Old Continent (perhaps even Italian). If so, please let us know (perhaps with a nice photo)!

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But that’s not all: on Gameshift you will find a handy single summary page on PS5-themed content, created by the editors to help our readers understand everything they need to know about the new Sony console!

Finally, a few hours ago we have also made available rich FAQs in which we answer your most frequently asked questions (whether they are about DualSense, backward compatibility, ventilation, SSD or much more)!

PS5 will be available starting next November 19th of this year in two versions: one with an optical reader capable of reading games in physical Blu-ray format (sold for 499.99 euros), with a second Only Digital therefore without the reader (399.99 euros).

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