Six Days in Fallujah, there was a team version of God of War

Six Days In Fallujah has long been at the center of the debate due to its inspiration from real events during the second battle of Fallujah in November 2004.

The shooter was recently the protagonist of a trailer that shows the realism of the game also through the words of some soldiers who participated in the battle during the American offensive in Iraq.

The development of the project didn’t have an easy path. There has been talk of Six Days in Fallujah since 2009, when Konami , the initial publisher of the title, gave up on carrying out the work precisely because of the controversies surrounding it. >

The title, initially developed by Atomic Games , was later postponed to 2010 and then paused again until 2016.

Now, according to an indiscretion of David Jaffe , in the course of its troubled development the game would also pass through the hands of Santa Monica Studio .

In the latest episode of Jaffe’s YouTube Show, the creator of God of War was accompanied by John Garvin, creative director of Days Gone and among the topics addressed there was also talk of Six Days in Fallujah .

Jaffe stated that « for a while Six Days in Fallujah was in development at Santa Monica Studio » receiving immediate Garvin’s answer.

When the project was launched I was there too » the creative director immediately replied, as reported by VGC , who apparently was already aware of the controversial shooter’s rapid transition to Sony.

Jaffe then added:

«When the game started to take shape and become more and more realistic publishers started to lose interest and say ‘okay, thanks but … no’ and stuff like that.

I don’t know how it will go this time , I don’t know if they will make it this time “.

Indeed, Six Days in Fallujah continues to be surrounded by criticism on almost every front.

Sony, Microsoft and Valve were recently asked to boycott the title which, according to the largest Muslim charity, would treat a war crime too lightly.

Even commenting on the shooter seems to be risky, according to what journalist Alanah Pearce said that she risked having her green card revoked.

Publisher Victura didn’t do much to silence criticism of the game, helping to add fuel to the fire with a post on Twitter .

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