Riot Forge will release third-party League of Legends games

Riot Games today presented a new publishing group that will collaborate with proven third-party developers to create games never seen before, set in the universe of League of Legends .

“We are flattered to have partner developers who are so passionate about working on games set in the “IP LoL, which offers unlimited potential thanks to its vast world and a large number of samples”, declared Leanne Loombe, Head of Riot Forge.

” We are sincerely committed to the long-term success of our developers and together we aim to offer great experiences to players of all kinds “.

Riot Forge will focus on developing games from the full experience, serving players who want to interact with the League of Legends universe in div all kinds and on various platforms, integrating the games developed internally by Riot Games that were announced during the celebration of 10 years of LoL.

Riot Forge works closely with its third-party developers to ensure that they are supported by the Riot team to create fun, compelling and unique gaming experiences but with their own voice interior of the League of Legends universe.

“We are always looking for new ways to bring the world of Runeterra and its champions to a new audience worldwide “, said Greg Street, IP Vice President and Entertainment at Riot Games.

” There are so many game studios talented all over the world who have exceptional experience and skills at all stages of game development, and we are really excited to work together for bring new gaming experiences to IP LoL “.

With more titles in development, Riot Forge is Riot Games’ latest attempt to expand the League of Legends universe to all players around the world. Will release new gaming experiences that have not yet been seen, to complement the multiple new titles announced by Riot Games during the Riot Pls 10th Anniversary Edition.

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