Resident Evil 4 for Switch based on the PS4 version, technical analysis

Capcom has released a set of Resident Evil, including Resident Evil 4 , to be literally scared on Nintendo Switch.

On our pages you will already find the review of the fourth chapter, but it is interesting to take a closer look at the quality of the port from a technical point of view.

Digital Foundry comes as always to our rescue, revealing that the RE4 port for Nintendo Switch is based on the PS4 version, one of the most advanced.

Switch manages the 900p game in TV mode and 600p in portability, it implements bitmaps in order to have less aliasing on the distance and points to 60fps.

He can usually keep the promise of the 60fps but during the most crowded sequences and in the boss fight he can have frame losses. Because of the lower resolution, the performances are better in portability.

Resident Evil and Resident Evil 0 run at 1080p in TV mode, in addition, with a frame rate of 30fps, some drops and some frame pacing problems, and some very long uploads.

Find the full video analysis in the clip below.


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