Will Fallout go beyond American borders? The answer arrives

Many people want to know which way the Fallout series will go, although now it has emerged mostly where it won’t go.\r\nAfter Fallout 4 (which you can find on Amazon) and Fallout 76, the series will certainly return with new chapters. \r\nAfter all, there is talk not only of Fallout 5 but also of another spin-off, suggesting that the saga is alive and well.\r\nNow, however, as also reported by PushSquare, it seems that the franchise will never leave American borders.\r\nWe have already explored the monuments of Washington D.C. in Fallout 3 or the lands of New Vegas in the chapter of the same name, confirming that the North American setting of the series is a key element. \r\nPlayers would also love to explore the rest of Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic world, studio head Todd Howard said the plan is to keep the series set in the United States.\r\nIn a new interview with Kinda Funny Games, Howard explained: «My point of view is that part of the schtick of Fallout is about American naivety and part of that. So, for us right now, it’s right to recognize some of these other areas. But our plan is to keep it predominantly in the United States.”\r\nHoward then stated that: “It is right to leave mystery or questions: What is happening here? I think these are positive things. In The Elder Scrolls, everyone wants to go to these mysterious lands. The worst thing that can be done to the mysterious lands is to eliminate the mystery itself. Keep the mysterious lands mysterious!».\r\nThe Fallout setting is littered with what remains of US institutions, remnants of a government authority later supplanted by Vault-Tec.\r\nAfter all, the series itself is a satire of the concept of American capitalism and beyond, so the thing would not be linked well to other states on the planet, such as Europe.\r\nWaiting to find out more about the future of the franchise perhaps with Fallout 5, apparently Todd Howard has admitted some time ago that he had removed some content that would have \

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