Red Dead Online: this week set for horse care, discounts for stables

This week, the relationship with the horse returns to the forefront in the world of Red Dead Online , with the possibility of obtaining a set for free horse care simply by playing, in addition to discounts on stalls in the stables, horses and much more. Read on for details.

There is a new opportunity to improve your appearance at the border. The Wheeler catalog, Rawson & Co. has been enriched with a new selection of items perfect for gunslingers who want to dominate the border.

Protect your head with the elegant wide-brimmed Descoteaux Hat, wear the Chaps Alvarado in durable leather from the south of the border and add a pair of stylish Gerden Morning Spurs to your boots to complete it all. These three articles will be a permanent addition to the catalog, starting this week.

Meanwhile, the Cossack Hat remains available for the rest of the week, perfect for anyone who wants to keep their ears warm in the harsh northern climates.

The bond between a horse and its rider is fundamental, but it is also important to mount the right horse for the job. It is the lucky day for horsemen intending to buy a new horse for their businesses: the stables of all states offer a 20% discount on stall boxes to help you expand your collection.

You will also receive a 20% discount on all horses available below rank 40, such as the Tennessee Walker roano flaxen (pictured above).

The undisputed loyalty of your horse deserves a reward. This week, all players will receive a horse care set, which includes: a horse revitalizer, a useful healing substance that you can store in your saddlebag in the unfortunate event that your steed is in bad condition or seriously injured; 2 Horse medicines to restore the health of your faithful companion with a golden outer bar and 2 horse stimulants that give a golden outer bar to the horse’s resistance, useful for long rides in the open countryside; in addition, 5 oatmeal cakes, 5 hay units and 5 carrots, so as to ensure that your four-legged companion is well fed.

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