PS5 white does not satisfy him, artist paints on it

We know that not everyone appreciated Sony’s choice to present its PS5 with an all-white shell , which marks a clear break with the past – proposing a peculiar blow with two white “wings” that surround the black central body of the console.

Since some preferred it entirely black, or who knows what other color, we have already seen some enthusiasts who have decided to recolor it themselves, using the means at their disposal to repaint the removable shells of PS5. But what happens when you give these shells – provocatively white – to an artist? It happens that paints on it .

PlayStation 5 customized by an artist

It was done by Felix Schlater , who decided to customize the body of his newly purchased PlayStation 5 by imagining an illustration with strong colors, rich of purple and blue, which would have characterized both the front and the back of the console.

We don’t want to spoil you too much about the result, but you can see the video showing both new PS5 bodies after the Schlater-treatment.

Below, also the artist’s Instagram post, which shows up close the final result of his efforts on the PlayStation-5-definitely-no-more-white.

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A post shared by Felix Schlater (@felixschlater)

It’s hard to predict whether Sony imagined or not that, with such a large white body, fans would have indulged in painting on it.

We’ll see in the coming weeks how many other peculiar designs will jump out of the Net. As for the colored shells to buy, however, the project has definitely met with unexpected events – waiting for Sony, in the future, to present PS5 also in other colors that could pay homage to the games with which the console will eventually be sold in a bundle.

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