Obsidian: switching to Microsoft was a relief

Obsidian Entertainment is working on The Outer Worlds and, pending the debut of the game – which will not be optimized for PS4 Pro – site colleagues WCCFtech they made themselves comfortable with Brian Hines, senior designer of the software house, discussing some very interesting aspects of his work in an interview. These include the acquisition of Obsidian by Microsoft , which brought the team under the auspices of Xbox Game Studios.

How has this changed the plans running for The Outer Worlds ? According to Hines, in no way :

Brian Heins

Deepening the subject further, Hines added that what he means is that, being supported by Micros oft, Obsidian Entertainment can now make video games according to its vision – because that is why it was acquired. Before, instead, having to always go in search of a publisher to finance and distribute his projects, the study ran the risk of having to “bend” to the visions and requests of the publisher himself, perhaps ending up by distorting the idea he had for a game.

On the subject, Hines added: