No Rest for the Wicked against controversy: «Imagine Dark Souls in Early Access»

No Rest for the Wicked is finally available in Earyl Access and, a few days after its release, a series of controversies arrived because many players mistook this preliminary version for the full one and, consequently, finding it missing.\r\nHowever it is It’s normal for this to be the case because games in this state are still incomplete and are completed over time, also thanks to player feedback.\r\nRegarding No Rest for the Wicked player sentiment has become increasingly heated over the weeks, as point that the director wanted to intervene to dot some i’s (via PC Gamer).\r\n”Imagine if Dark Souls had been in early access,” said Thomas Mahler, CEO of Moon Studios (also authors of the Gold you can find on Amazon). Mahler explains that From Software would have had plenty of time to perfect the game, particularly in the second part, polishing and perfecting every detail.\r\n\r\nThe doubt of many players, according to Mahler, is that titles like No Rest for the Wicked could have been released in the final version directly, and the Early Access seems more like a production \

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