Netflix: no interest in video game streaming

The world of video games is increasingly interested in the world of streaming and the cloud: proposals such as PlayStation Now, the Microsoft experiments with the ambitious Project xCloud, as well as the imminent debut of Google Stadia prove it. Considering that Netflix is one of the most successful realities in the streaming scene, is it possible that in the future it can also look at the world of video games?

To answer the question was Reed Hastings , CEO of the company, who explained how Netflix is ‚Äč‚Äčinterested in continuing to focus on television productions, not interactive ones. “The reality is that we are focused on making amazing series and films” the CEO explained.

Previously Netflix had declared itself a competitor of Fortnite >, because it aspired to that same free time that people spent playing the title of Epic Games. Moreover, the interactive experiment of Black Mirror: Bandersnatch had made us think of a future also devoted to gaming, but this will not be the case.


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