Mobile users will spend more on apps in the future (but will continue to play video games)

The mobile video game market in Europe is ready to experience a moment of decrease in its global share on the mobile market. The experts of Sensor Tower say this, according to which calculations, in the coming months, the share of collections from video games compared to the general ones of the application stores will decrease .

In 2019, these had accounted for 66% of total revenue on the mobile digital market, while by 2022 will decrease to 55% . In addition, it is expected that in 2022 video games will represent 39% of the proceeds on the iOS App Store and 73% on Android (in 2019 it was 81%).

This does not change the fact that gamers will spend more on purchases on the App Store and Play Store , even if they increase the expenses on applications not intended for the game – hence the reduction of the quota percentage.

Rosy data, however, for the diffusion and popularity: users will also be willing to spend more money on apps that are not video games, but by 2022 it has been calculated that there will be 12.4 billion video game installations on smart devices, up 19% on the three-year period ended in 2019.

Source: GameIndustry

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