How does a PS5 game play on PS4? This analysis reveals it

Sony’s cross-gen breakthrough created cases that were not originally foreseen, with games we thought would only come out on PS5 also released on PS4.

The most curious have wondered what Sony’s cross-gen titles would have been like from a performance point of view, and today we have an answer thanks to the analysis of Sackboy: A Great Adventure conducted by Digital Foundry.

On both PS5 and PS4 Pro, dynamic resolution is used, which on the next-gen console reaches 75% of 4K on average (1620p) and on the last mid-gen this translates into a Starting 1080p. On the base PS4, however, the resolution is just 720p, but that’s the only difference to PlayStation 4 Pro.

As in Demon’s Souls , the next-gen version does not implement ray tracing but SSR – screen space reflections -, a lighting technique that it performs very well on PS5 but is not present on the now old consoles.

Shading, occlusion, shadows and lighting are predictably better on PlayStation 5, although DF is keen to point out that all versions, which run at 60fps, look very nice.

On PS5 the uploads are practically instant , we are talking about 1-2 seconds against the 11-12 seconds recorded on PS4.

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As for the frame rate, there are dips on PS4 base and Pro , although only in the cut-scenes it seems, while on PS5 there have been no cases except for a very rare exception.

The one of Sackboy: A Great Adventure is therefore in all respects an excellent example of how a next-gen production can perform in this moment of transition, and offers a first taste – but only a first – of the potential of the new machines.

If you want to bring home Sackboy: A Great Adventure, also available on PS4 and with the possibility (coming with a patch) to bring old-gen saves to PS5, we recommend that you take advantage of the Amazon price.

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