GTA 6: A Hidden Clue in the GTA Online DLC Trailer?

Many believe that the next Grand Theft Auto VI – or more informally , GTA 6 – may somehow be one of the biggest games in the series ever (if not the biggest ever).

Unfortunately, Rockstar Games has not yet officially confirmed the development of the game, although it is highly likely that the title is currently in the works on next generation consoles as well, namely PS5 and Xbox Series X | S.

Now, a rather bold rumor seems to have unearthed a curious clue about the sixth installment of the series (or it would be better to talk about Easter Egg) in the trailer for the latest DLC dedicated to GTA Online .

Do you see it too?

In Virginia, United States, a street in the shape of a” VI “is clearly visible , which is precisely the” 6 “in classical Roman numeration . Could this be an alleged reference to GTA 6 ? At the moment we do not know.

The only certain thing is that the shape of the road is far too pronounced and obvious to be just a mere coincidence (we know very well that Rockstar Games rarely leaves things to chance). Below, a video that better illustrates the theory in question: