Fortnite Chapter 2, a video shows weapons, skins and emotes

The wait is over: the black hole has disappeared and Fortnite has recently been updated with the new Chapter 2 , which brings an avalanche of news to the inside the celebrated Epic Games battle royale.

Now, colleagues from IGN USA have released a video showing the new skins , the Weapons and emotes of this Season 1.

Find the movie below:

But that’s not all: a second movie was also released dedicated to the Epic game, which shows the so-called Victory Royale :

You have also read that the well-known Ninja streamer candidly admitted that he had already fallen in love with Fortnit and Chapter 2?

The game has been available for a long time on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and iOS and Andorid mobile systems. For any further information, videos and news on the battle royale, refer as always also to our dedicated card.

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