Former BioShock creative director: I hope they can be original with the new episode

After the many rumors of the past few months, we have seen that a new BioShock is in effect in progress, after the official confirmation by the 2K publisher. A team, baptized as Cloud Chamber , is sweating to make a fourth episode of the famous saga come true – even if it will take time and we recommend you to make yourself comfortable, because it will be in development «for the next years », according to the publisher.

In the meantime, Jordon Thomas – who was a writer, designer and creative director of the three previous video games – said on this return of BioShock , expressing a wish: he hopes that the developers will have the freedom to try to be original .

Often, in high-budget games, creative visions must clash (in even brutal ways) with market needs, that is with the introduction (or the pursuit) of mechanics or trends that ensure success on the market . Thomas hopes that Cloud Chamber will still be able to express itself to the best of its ability:

I hope they can free themselves from the chains of the past, that they can feel as free as possible. I hope this is what this series is known for: the ability to take you where you would not expect, both from the physical point of view and from the issues addressed.

In an interview granted to journalist Samuel Horti, Thomas explained that this was not always the case. When working on BioShock 2 , for example, he had to vehemently clash with the publisher’s impositions, to the point that the author defines the development of that game as «a painful series of returns to reality »- since he always had to find a compromise between his creative vision and the commercial needs of the game.

For this reason, he wishes Cloud Chamber to have more room to maneuver, in order to give BioShock a new youth and best express its vision.

What expectations do you have for the next BioShock?

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