Fallout 76: law firm prepares for the class action

The issue of Fallout 76 defects at the time of its launch could lead to a class action against Bethesda Game Studios. This is revealed by what published by Migliaccio & amp; Rathod LLP, based in Washington DC, has announced that it has initiated investigations to ascertain the possible responsibility for unfair commercial practices against Bethesda. The possible class action for Fallout In particular, the investigations of the law firm are focusing on the fact that the company denied the reimbursement to some PC players who had requested it, complaining about the impossibility of enjoying the game due to its technical defects. The lawyers point out that the game was launched with a 56 GB patch, “which proves to be just a beginning, considering the problems the product is afflicted.” Moreover, the fact that the game on PC not from Steam, but from the client of Bethesda, would make the procedure of obtaining reimbursement complex even after requesting it. In recent days, we had told you that some had succeeded, but according to reports from the law firm others have seen their request rejected. The law firm, whose post was re-launched on Reddit, asks the players who fail to get Fallout 76 to get in touch with them to collect information and data that can help him in his investigation â € “so that we can evaluate the possibility of possibly proceeding with a class action.Migliaccio & amp; Rathod LLP prides itself on having years of experience in class action against big companies, so we’ll have to see how the issue will evolve â € “if it will evolve .Fallout 76 availableFallout 76 is currently available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The title is the debut of Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic series in an online multiplayer universe, but as highlighted in our review it still has a little way to go before even vaguely approaching the love received from the other titles that bring the same name.Fonte: ComicBookArticles RelatedFallout 76, divided criticism: what they say the very first reviewsFallout 76 BETA | 20 hours afterFallout 76: Bethesda unveils some news Fallout 76: Bethesda presents a trailer in live action

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