Xbox reveals a new controller with which to play Redfall and other games from closed studios

Xbox has announced a new controller for its consoles less than an hour (scarce) from the news of the closure of a series of studios, even very important ones, and it is difficult to add any other comments.\r\nAs has often happened in recent months , via Xbox Wire the announcement of the Fire Vapor Special Edition Controller has arrived, which is a new controller for Xbox in case you hadn’t understood.\r\nAnd the title that was chosen to open the landing page is quite surreal. announces the arrival of this new controller, that is: «Feel the burn today with the Fire Vapor Special Edition controller». The burning.\r\nA choice, both in terms of publication and title, which even analysts such as Andy Robinson of VGC have underlined with a certain irony:\r\n\n\t Business as usual on /jnQEtIy504— Andy Robinson (@Andy_VGC) May 7, 2024\n\n\n \n\r\nIt’s not a great time for Microsoft and Xbox in general, and today is probably one of those that the community and the video game market will not easily forget.\r\nIn case you haven’t been following the situation, in fact, Microsoft closed Arkane Austin, Tango Gameworks, and other studios in a piece of news that was the proverbial bolt of lightning clear sky.\r\nFor this reason, perhaps, it was time to wait to tell players about the launch of yet another controller with a different color in an already very broad product line (as you can see on stores like Amazon).\ r\nA situation that reminds us, albeit with different timing, of the moment in which Jim Ryan celebrated with the development teams that PlayStation would have fired while still under his leadership before leaving.\r\nThe news of the day, of the week and perhaps of the year, will certainly continue to unravel in the next few hours, while Arkane is also preparing for the first refunds for Redfall.\r\nWe have taken the launch of yet another Xbox controller with irony, but only to defuse a decidedly harsh and complex situation .

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