Epic Games Store: Conarium is the free game of September 13th

Epic Games Store has revealed the next free game, which will be available starting Friday, September 13th after the one-two signed today.

This is Conarium , a survival horror dating back to 2017 with a strong psychological trait, which will surely test our co-ronarie.

This is a timely description of the game as provided by the developers:

“Conarium is a disquieting Lovecraftian adventure that narrates the adventures of four scientists and their efforts to overcome what we normally consider the insurmountable limits of nature. Inspired by the novel” Alle montagne della follia “by HP Lovecraft, but set mainly after the original story, the game drops us in the role of Frank Gilman, awakened in a room flooded with strange pulsating noises.

Luminous motifs flow on the walls as in a disturbing macabre dance, projected from the mysterious device on the table. Without any memory except to find ourselves in the Antarctic base of Upuaut, we go into the dark rooms in the certainty that something terrible has happened here. Somehow, the absence of memories able to guide us brings a strange sense of vulnerability, a feeling at the same time alien and familiar of belonging to an unlikely one … Soon we’ll find out that we used a device during the expedition, to be dead and then returned, slightly changed, to tell of strange memories and strange places. And we will wonder if we have lost something important or acquired something sinister … “

Starting today, we remember, The End Is Night, from the creator of The Binding of Isaac, and Abzu, from the composer of Journey. Don’t forget to redeem them if you have an account at Epic Games Store.

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