Death Stranding, player tries a forbidden “climb” (and ends badly)

It is not long before the launch of Death Stranding Director’s Cut , expected for September 24 on PS5 as announced during the Summer Game Fest 2021 .

Sam Porter Bridges’ journey still has many details to discover and rediscover, and the next-gen version will be the right opportunity to do so, also in light of the many new features that will be introduced.

A hidden feature was recently unveiled by Hideo Kojima himself, to the delight of all players looking for a more challenging and “risky” experience.

The famous Japanese game director is also known for an obsessive attention to detail, which in the case of Death Stranding has invested an aspect of the game as small as it is important.

After the title arrives on PC, more and more fans are committed to reconnecting America, and some of them have chosen to explore the world game in a really stubborn way.

Specifically, a user has tried in every way to access a prohibited area near the Weather Station in the Central Region of the map.

After climbing up to the railing with the help of a Ladder , the particularly stubborn player tried to equip another one, which quickly fell to the ground due to impossible to use it properly.

She later opted for the Climbing Nail, once again with no luck. Running out of alternatives, he attempted to jump the invisible wall without any success, falling disastrously at the foot of the building.

You can see the fun experiment (failed) in the video below, posted by the same player on Reddit :

I tried for so long to get up there ūüôĀ from DeathStranding

Among the users who commented, some admitted that they were successful in the enterprise, but did not provide further details on how to access the no-go zone.

The gamer admitted that he tried “ from all sides ” without any success, and someone suggested that “ try to climb the ladder with the moto ¬Ľ, a creative solution to consider.

But the discoveries do not end there: another novelty comes directly from the Thermal Springs, where it is possible to notice a detail that many (but not a particularly attentive fan) missed.

If you’ve enjoyed the game’s asynchronous multiplayer and are looking forward to the Director’s Cut version, you’ll be pleased to know that Kojima Production plans to refine it for the occasion.

The debate on the sales totaled by the title has been open for some time, but now we finally have concrete numbers that allow us to get a precise idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthe audience’s feedback.

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