Bloodborne PSX is (really) taking shape, and is playable in multiplayer as well

Fans have always tried their hand at the so-called demake , transforming modern masterpieces as if they had come out on consoles of the past, especially the first 32-bit PlayStation .

Recently, the PSOne version of Cyberpunk 2077 showed the CD Projekt game as it had been developed on the first PSOne (complete with the pixelated graphics typical of late 90s video games). The Elder Scrolls Oblivion (the penultimate installment of the Bethesda and ZeniMax series and predecessor of the famous Skyrim ), has also been turned into a 32-bit game.

Bloodborne PSX is certainly the most interesting project, given also and above all that the idea of ​​the creators is precisely to make it completely playable on PC (and, why not, even on the first PlayStation) FromSoftware ‘s beloved soulslike.

«I was inspired by some screenshots that went viral around 2015 », one of the developers of Bloodborne PSX , Lilith Walther Kotaku ong>. «After seeing them I thought of the logical conclusion, which is create a fully playable demake using a real game engine

After working with developer friend Corwyn Prichard to try transform the PS4 exclusive into a real PS1 demake , the project was initially set aside to then be resumed in unsuspecting times. Just below, some short videos showing the surprising steps forward.

In the videos you can see the protagonist of Bloodborne , the Hunter , moving inside the dark Yharnam , complete with of double blades and the musket, for use against herds of quadrupedal creatures.

More recently, entire buildings have been added to the main room, showing a project that is slowly taking shape. Apparently, a split-screen multiplayer mode will also be included in which two hunters will be able to duel each other, complete with blood in full view.

Soulslike fans shouldn’t miss out on Bluepoint Games’ new work, Demon’s Souls for the PlayStation 5 console, released a few days before the launch of the next-gen Sony platform.

Bloodborne is currently available exclusively for PlayStation 4 consoles and will be playable in backward compatibility on PS5.

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