PlayStation Network is offline, but only on some consoles

In these hours many users are reporting a general malfunction of the PlayStation Network on PlayStation 3, and without Sony having communicated a planned intervention to resolve the problems.\r\nAs reported by PlayStation Lifestyle, a notable number of PlayStation 3 owners have reported that PSN has been partially down on the console without any sign of resolution, leaving them with an understandable concern.\r\nAlso because the problem is not usual, as it afflicts those who are not already logged in to the PS3, with the error 80710A06 which prevents users from logging into their account.\r\nScreenshots circulated across multiple Reddit threads show that the option to use an existing account to log in to the PS3 is unavailable.\r\n\n\t\t\n \t\n\n\r\nThe further problem is that Sony eliminated the ability to create new accounts via PS3 some time ago, so anyone affected by this error is not able to use an account in any way, nor the nor a new one created to stem the situation, perhaps.\r\nFortunately, the 80710A06 error does not seem to have affected any account on PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5, and we hope that there is no news to report in the next few hours.\r\ It is likely that it is some glitch that is affecting PlayStation Network without the company being able to do much, at least at the moment, and the fact that it has not already spread to other consoles is already positive news.\r\nAlso because the PSN was the protagonist of the gaming news just a few days ago, and for once it’s a good thing that PlayStation doesn’t find itself having to manage a problematic situation like the one relating to Helldivers 2 for which there are those who even risked being fired.\r \nRemaining within PlayStation news, in a few days there could be an opportunity to see a new showcase: here are the details of the upcoming event.

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