Batman Arkham Legacy is not yet released but would have already changed its name

An insider from the DC scene has revealed new information related to Batman Arkham Legacy , the new chapter in the Dark Knight game series.

Batman Arkham Legacy would have gone through several changes running compared to when we last heard about it, although the basic concept has remained unchanged.

KC Walsh explained that the game would no longer be called this way, first of all; “You will know why when it is revealed” , he said, but will still guarantee to play like the whole “Bat family” .

The insider has revealed that the title will be “mainly” for the next generation of consoles, so it could be a cross-gen production for all intents and purposes.

In addition, according to the knowledgeable we could be “surprised” when we see if it will be a sequel to Arkham Origins or Arkham Knight, so Warner Bros. Montreal may be playing with the various timelines.

Batman Arkham Legacy, or whatever its name is at this point, has been in development for some time and has been repeatedly teaser at the second studio of the Batman Arkham franchise, while to date it is not clear what Rocksteady has his hands on.

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